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Bienvenido/a a VReak, el lugar de las historias inmersivas.

Versión: 1.0

Tamaño: 604k

OS: android

Requisitos: 3.0 y versiones superiores

Dispositivos: Esta aplicación se ha desarrollado para dispositivos android.

Photo Blender

Simple yet powerful!
With Photo Blender create artistic posters, that otherwise only a Photoshop professional can create. Creation of artistic posters requires availability of rich image resources, which not everyone has in his/her personal Gallery. For that reason, this app allows you to import any picture from the Web and blend it with your own.


★ Blend two pictures quickly, using blend-fade
★ Either picture can be imported from Gallery of from the Web
★ Pictures can be resized and moved to create images of different proportions
★ Blended image can be colorized into any color, using a color-picker

How it works:
★ On the First page, you will import the two images. It is important that for the first picture you select a portrait and for the second one, a landscape image.
★ Then, move to the next page where you can blend the two pictures. The portrait picture can be moved up and down. The landscape/blend picture can be zoomed in and out. After blending, you may save the photo, or move to the next step.
★ On this screen (colorizing) if the tones of the two pictures don’t match well, you can colorize the blended image. Tap on the image, a color-picker will pop up. There, choose a color and on the right side of the wheel, select the lightness. Then, press OK. Try this process, until the result is what you like. On the color-picker, if you don’t choose any color and just press OK button, the picture will be converted to black and white.

How to import images from the Web
★ Launch browser from within the app, by pressing the Web button.
★ Once in browser, find your picture anywhere on the web, for example, you can search Google, search images, go to the web page that you already know the image is, etc.
★ Once the desired image is found, long press on the image, and then release. From the popup list, select “Open Image” (This is what Chrome shows, it can be different for different browser, you need to find that selection, for your browser). This will open a page/tab that shows only the image.
★ Go to “Share” and find “Photo Blender” in the list.
★ Select Photo Blender and it will bring you back to the app.

Keywords: Blender, image blend, photo blend, picture blend, photoshop blend, blend fade, colorize

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